01164 (67) Area Code Information

Leicester Telephone Number Information

0116467 forms part of a block of 1,000,000 numbers from the Leicester 01164 area code. This number fits into a block of 10,000 numbers being operated by NFON UK Ltd. who have owned this number block since 29/04/2016.

This Area Code was introduced as a result of changes which came into effect as a result of phONEday in April 1995 when Ofcom (formerly Oftel) was charged with overseeing an capacity increase in the UK telephone network. Ofcom used the opportunity to introduce a structured numbering scheme to the UK telephone network which included the use of primary indicators such as 07 for mobile and 09 for premium rate calling, allowing callers to understand what costs they might be incurring when the call a given number.

Who called me?

If you have arrived at this site because you are having one of those "what number is this?" or "who just called me?" moments from numbers in the Leicester area then we would advise you to register with the telephonepreference service as soon as possible. Legitimate companies will no longer contact you unless you have explicitly opted in to receiving calls from them. It is possible to register a private residence's number as well as business telephone numbers.

It may also be an option to look at a few of those who called on this number? websites which keep user contributed lists of nuisance callers. Whilst it is important to recognise that this information contributed by the general public and as such may not be accurate these sites do provide a lot of information about the numbers and the types of products and scams the caller might be getting up to, allowing you to be on your guard.


Legitimate organisations will never call you and ask you for usernames, passwords and other sensitive information over the phone. If you are called by someone saying they are from your Bank and similar organisation then ask the caller for reference information so that you can call them back. Do not use the number the caller suggests, but instead find the number from an independent source such as the company's website and then call back.

Local Information**

We also have a list of Schools in this area.

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