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Enter an area code (also commonly called a dialling prefix or STD code) or any part of a UK telephone number (most significant digits) to find more information about the number including the geographic area the number is in. You will be able to see a heat map of all the areas in the UK we have managed to find numbers matching your query. We also tell you which companies provide these numbers, such as BT or Vodafone, and how much it costs to call the number from a UK landline, UK mobile phone.

We have arranged official data from various sources such as Ofcom, B.T. and Virgin Media to present authoritative information about UK landline, mobile numbers and 03, 08 and 09 (special) numbers. We have tried to present the information in as friendly a format as possible, identifying who provides the number, where in the country the number is located along with pricing and such if relevant. We also give an indication of people who are using numbers that aren't local, covering those that publish numbers when they aren't in the area (for example holiday lets or businesses that have moved but kept their number) or people who are pretending to be in an area they aren't by using Voip numbers or call forwarding services and Skypeout.